Major John Sheppard in Every Episode | 1x17 Letters From Pegasus

On the off chance you get the idea to take on the wraith ships by yourself, Major, I am hereby ordering you not to.
Believe me, you don’t have to.
Don’t take on an alien armada single handedly. Understood.

Major John Sheppard in Every Episode | 1x16 The Brotherhood

I’m going to want points for this in the future, but if you ever do this again, I will kill you.

Gonna do a favourite character meme, I can’t for the life of me find the post I based mine on, but I remixed it to suit my purposes:

one character
two colours
three emotions
four outfits
five traits
six relationships
seven episodes
eight scenes
nine quotes

Feel free to use/remix/join in. 
If you don’t wish to see it on your dash, blacklist “lqfcm”

Major John Sheppard in Every Episode | 1x15 Before I Sleep

I picked this up on the mainland, the Athosians made it. Happy Birthday.

Major John Sheppard in Every Episode | 1x14 Sanctuary

Look, Chaya, I respect that you believe,  but I can’t talk to Athar, I can only talk to you, so let me ask you this: What if the shoe was on the other foot, what if your people were in trouble and we could hell them, would you just take no for an answer?